About Me

I founded Canyon Street Pottery in Spearfish, South Dakota in 2006 after being introduced to pottery in a high school art class. I enjoyed throwing so much that I invested in a wheel and kiln to continue making my own pottery at home. Soon, I had enough skill and pottery to open my own business: Canyon Street Pottery.

My initial goal was to support my new hobby (and possibly earn money for college) while doing something that I loved. Soon, my siblings started to make and sell their own pieces along with me. People loved our work enough for us to continue making pottery while building a college fund. I kept making pottery through college and moves across the country, returning home every summer to sell my work at the annual Festival in the Park.

Though I do still sell some of my work in South Dakota, Canyon Street Pottery is now located in Zeeland, Michigan. We’ve also expanded to include crafts created by my wife Jessica. We hope to continue to share our love of all things handmade, albeit with a new audience.

Currently, I am focusing on wheel-thrown stoneware and porcelain pottery fired in a ceramic kiln. I hope to start exploring other types of clay and firings soon. Most of the pottery I produce is geared towards usefulness: mugs, serving bowls, pie dishes, etc. I do make the occasional fountain or lamp, whenever an idea comes by. I glaze all of my pottery by hand, opting for uniqueness rather than uniformity.

Most of our other crafts are crocheted with a variety of yarns. Crafts are made to order, so each piece is tailored to suit your needs.

Paul, Owner

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